Enterprise development

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Gibela fully supports PRASA’s enterprise development objectives for the growth and transformation of the South African economy. Enterprise development initiatives are aimed at assisting and accelerating the development and sustainability of other enterprises and their financial and operational independence.

Gibela has committed to spending 1.2% of the contract value on enterprise development. This commitment is aligned to our preferential procurement plan to develop small black-owned business, particularly businesses owned by black women.

The objectives of Gibela’s enterprise development are:

  • Identify existing black and black female entrepreneurs in the region around the factory.
  • Invest in black entrepreneurs to increase their operational and financial capacity.
  • Increase the number of black-owned SMEs and QSEs which are equipped and qualified to supply the rail industry.
  • Establish a programme to increase access to local and international markets for black-owned businesses.
  • Assist with the transfer of skills and technology to black-owned entrepreneurs operating in the rail sector.
  • Develop small-sized enterprises in the rail industry.
  • Foster an entrepreneurial culture in black communities through the creation of economic opportunities across key sectors identified in the Gauteng Provincial Growth and Development Strategy and Strategic Infrastructure Projects.
  • Build a relationship between the public and private sector that will embrace social investment as a common vision.