Community development

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Supporting communities

In addition to the provision of thousands of new jobs and opportunities, Gibela is poised to introduce a broad range of social benefits into communities to sustain the rail industry.

Training and upskilling programmes will be supported by basic education (literacy, numeracy, language skills) as well as adopt-a-school programmes and structured projects to promote maths, science and technology at both a secondary and tertiary level. Yearly rail-related bursaries will be made available to support identified talent and rail safety awareness, sport (provision of facilities, coaching, sponsoring competitions), primary community health initiatives (including drug rehabilitation) and the provision of transport subsidies and loans to promote home ownership are among Gibela's other commitments.

The following has already been agreed upon in consultation with our Stakeholder Forum:

From 2016  
  • Maths and science Saturday schools
  • Early childhood development
  • Trainer development
  • Bursaries
To come:  
Health Partnerships with local/provincial governments to address primary healthcare challenges
Community centres Partnerships with local government in the development of community centres
Environmental sustainability Agri-processing