Economic Development Policy

Gibela is committed to ramping up the local content for the project, reaching a level of 70% when manufacturing activities reach a stable pace. The company will facilitate the development of local rail-related skills and the transfer of technical know-how.

Our commitment

Economic development is an integral driver of socio-economic transformation in South Africa. The successful execution of this aspect of the PRASA mandate is critical. Gibela has aligned its strategy with the country's national development agenda, and work towards meeting the relevant objectives of the government’s 2030 National Development Plan (NDP).

Gibela will commit its resources, within reasonable means, to accomplish the goals set out in the Economic Development Policy. This policy is outlined in the Manufacturing and Supply Agreement with PRASA and is designed to meet the objectives of the government's 2030 vision.

Gibela's contribution to large-scale economic development and social progress through its greenfield infrastructure development programme and advanced rail technologies will be underpinned by the company's Economic Development Policy.

Our approach

Gibela will achieve its objectives through the employment of local job-seekers; the development of a robust supply chain local production; and the general enhancement of the living conditions of the people around its physical operations through community development initiatives focused on competency development and know-how transfer.

Gibela's Economic Development Policy has four main elements:

    • Localisation

      To resuscitate local manufacturing industries through the implementation of a comprehensive localisation plan.

    • Enterprise Development

      To create sustainable enterprises in the rail sector which achieve growth and create jobs.

    • Skills Development

      To develop rail-related skills and build the capacity of employees at corporate level, and throughout the supply chain, in line with South Africa's initiatives for economic advancement.

    • Job creation and capacity building

      To unlock the community's economic potential by enhancing their human capital through capacity-building programmes.


Gibela’s leadership is accountable for the successful implementation of the Economic Development Policy and any associated practices. The Management Committee reports to the Board on progress made in all areas of economic development.