Gibela training centre

More than 200 engineers and technicians – including 80 women – have been trained and deployed as full-time Gibela employees; 50 skilled and semi-skilled artisans and technicians have been recruited; and technicians have begun their apprenticeships at the new training centre. Over the next 10 years, it is planned for Gibela to skill 19 500 people for career across South Africa’s rail sector.

Bursaries have been awarded to over 250 South African students for study in rail-related fields at South African tertiary institutions.

To meet its demanding local content requirements of at least 65%, Gibela has on-board 70 South African suppliers to supply materials, parts and services.

Accreditation will be through the Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) and the Sector Education and Training Authority.

While Gibela, PRASA and supplier staff training will be prioritized initially, the vision is that the centre will also train people from surrounding communities, equipping the to pursue careers in the rail, rail-related and other industrial sectors nationwide.