Training South Africa

Gibela has already employed over 300 people, including technicians who are entering our skills development programme and those entering into managerial and design positions. This will be followed by the recruitment of middle and senior managers, including the team leaders who will be responsible for co-ordinating the building of our passenger trains.

This group of team leaders will be trained and developed in South Africa, either at Wits Business School or at the Maccauvlei Learning Academy in Alberton.

By the time our factory at Dunnottar is fully operational in 2017, we will have 1,500 employees with all the necessary technical, supervisory and managerial skills.

Individual development programmes

We put in place individual development programmes (IDPs) to ensure those who build our trains have fully rounded skills in their areas of specialisation. The process begins when the appropriate technical training and line managers meet with the employee whose skills are to be enhanced and, together, they prepare a personalised IDP.

The approach is methodical, using the Accelerated Learning Packages programming and assessments that display each person’s skills, strengths and weaknesses.