Railway Introduction Course

Gibela’s Railway Introduction Course has been established in partnership with Ekurhuleni East College and targets senior students, universities and TVETs

The course is free to qualifying candidates and includes the following aspects:

  • Railway introduction: Including an overview of the contract between PRASA and Gibela, and what it means for the South African railway industry.
  • Railway infrastructure: The current South African railway infrastructure, and how PRASA and Gibela plan to rejuvenate South Africa’s inner-city railway infrastructure.
  • Operations and maintenance: A look at how the X’Trapolis MEGA trains will be maintained to the highest standards of safety, speed and comfort, performance and reliability.
  • History of South African railway: A discussion of the history of South Africa’s Metrorail leading up to the rolling stock project.
  • Rolling stock and railway technology: Some insights into the new technology of the train and how it will revolutionise the railway industry of South Africa.
  • Day visit to PRASA maintenance centre at Wolmerton

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